Sweet Tomato Salad Bars ARE Divine

Sweet Tomato is one of my favorite places to eat because they have an amazing salad bar, incredible soups and toppings that render one speechless (of course, you’re busy eating). I can’t even count the number of amazing toppings their salad bar has… Always fresh and ready to indulge your veggie lover’s heart.

My all time favorite item on their menu is the chilli. I know, I know, the rest of the world goes for the salad, but if I could have a bigger bowl and easier access to all those AMAZING toppings. I’d never leave the Chilli Bar.  But I’m particularly fond of their salad bar too.

The wait staff this time was amazing. The cashier shared that they had raspberry lemonade on the drink bar, when my glass was nearly empty – someone refilled it. Can’t beat a waiter who keeps your raspberry lemonade full.

Sweet Tomato really is an amazing place for families to go for a meal. Kids love the choices (and the desserts) and parents love the healthy, clean presentation of good wholesome foods.

I’m just as impressed today as I was ten years ago, then taking my pre-teens out for a family meal. Great place.

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